Advent Prayer Stations 2017


You will find prayer stations installed in Church to help with private prayer and reflection during the Advent season. Preparation for Christmas through Advent focusses on anticipation, on waiting for the Incarnation, or indeed for the coming again of our Lord into this world. The word ”Advent” is derived from the Latin and means “coming”.

Christians think of worship on the four Sundays of Advent as opportunities to think about the people of God, the prophets, St John the Baptist who proclaimed the way of the Lord, and of Mary, the mother of Jesus. All of these were called by God in some way and all in their own way said yes to the call. Hope, Love, Joy and Peace are also themes which can mark the four Sundays. Special candles, set in an Advent wreath, are lit, one for each Sunday – and a fifth candle to mark the Christmas birth.

You will see that the Church is dressed in purple for the Advent season. This is a royal and a sombre colour, reminiscent of the penitential purple of the Lenten season, before Easter; maybe it reminds us that the road to the Bethlehem cradle was not an easy one for the parents as they journeyed or indeed for the Magi from the east, drawn by a star to a mystery they could not fathom.
The five stations in church are described as follows –

A chain of prayer to connect us all

A Jesse tree to help tell the story of creation and of Christmas. (Jesse was the father of the great Biblical King David) Think of this as a kind of Advent calendar

What can I give to God this Christmas?

All Creation waits for the coming of the Kingdom

Mary hears God’s call and answers YES

We hope you will find the ideas and activities enjoyable and helpful. If so, you might also enjoy our Blue Service – Friday 15th December at 5pm, which acknowledges that Christmas can be a testing time for many of us if we are alone, or excluded. All are welcome.